Collier avec chaînes argent multi-rangs et glands pour sorcière avec médaillon en verre contenant une vraie feuille de chêne

“I look at the tree in wonder! It seems like some ancient sage, wearing his youthful freshness along with the frosts of age." Ellen P. ALLERTON


Oak incarnates many symbols: longevity, strength, wisdom... all of them converge to the idea of stability. When you need to feel deeply like yourself, when you need stability to go forward, the Stability Spell necklace is the ideal jewelry.


Earthy colors are perfect to bring it out, even if it means looking as though you were made of wood, much like a dryad.

Stability Spell

  • Glass pendant height (including the bail): 6,5 cm (2 in)


    Glass pendant width: 2,5 cm (0.7 in)


    Necklace length: I adjust it to your neck size plus every necklace has a 5 cm (2 in) chain extension. On the pictures on which I wear it, it's fastened to its shortest and it's adjusted to my neck (33 cm or 13 in).