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auri.daer, photo collab

It was packed beautifuly, unpacking was easy as well as putting it back and instructions were simple and clear... putting it on was easy, as for wearing I was worried at first that I will mess up the chains together since I've never worn this style before 😅 of course they didn't mess up that easy 😅 overall it all went really well 😊


livkae_, photo collab

The packaging was really great!! Very pretty, solid and all... The necklace was a bit troublesome to remove but nothing serious, and the flyer was great too! And the necklace was super comfortable to wear, very pretty in real life and it looked great in photos! 😄


sugar_and_dust, photo collab

It's even more stunning in person, and the care you put into packing it and creating a whole experience while unboxing is just unbelievable, in a good sense of course, and the note was so sweet. I can't wait to style it!