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Mon histoire

Nature Spells may have been officially launched in 2020, it has needed more than two years of preparation beforehand: photography, post-processing, plant harvest, drying off, making the necklaces, frames, packaging, communication...

Behind the scenes, one single person, passionnate about trees and who decided to make a career out of it: my name is Fanny and I work as a forester in the Alpes-Maritimes (south-east France).

I've been making jewelry and home decor for many years and decided to combine these skills and creativity with my love for the forest and my thirst for sharing. Which is why you will find here:

- a shop gathering jewelry and home decor highlighting plants and the magical powers of Nature they inspire,

- a blog looking to help you know the forest secrets,

- a gallery of visuals to extend the woodland immersion (also in the spotlight on social media).


Artisanat éco-responsabe

I harvest the plants in the forest respectfully of the species and biotopes thanks to my professionnal knowledge in that field.


Nature Spells jewelry is created insofar as possible from materials made in Europe. Unless noted otherwise, the metal used is not sterling silver but a silver-colored alloy, which my suppliers guarantee is heavy metals free. A care kit is sent along with every jewelry piece to ensure the best durability possible.

The frames and glass domes used in home decor are insofar as possible from second hand.


Regarding packaging and business cards, I use natural and/or recycled materials, non-polluting. I sometimes use protective plastic packagings but I'm only using what I've received when purchasing the materials.




Article 1 : Object of the sale

Article 2 : Prices and Special offers

Article 3 : Reservation of ownership clause

Article 4 : Conclusion of the online contract

Article 5 : Pre-orders

Article 6 : Payment

Article 7 : Simultaneous orders

Article 8 : Shipment

Article 9 : Delivery mode

Article 10 : Recommandations and maintenance

Article 11 : Repair

Article 12 : Returns, refunds, exchanges, cancellations

Article 13 : Force majeure
Article 14 : Contract invalidity and modification
Article 15 : Applicable law

The present general terms and conditions are concluded by:

– the Nature Spells business which home office is located at 753 route de La Colle, Le Botticelli, 06270 Villeneuve-Loubet, FRANCE and registered to the French national institute for statistical and economic studies under the number 85400300100013, hereinafter called « the Seller »,
– and any physical or legal person proceeding to a purchase on the business website ( or on a physical booth, hereinafter called « 
the Buyer ».

The following has been set out and agreed:​



The Nature Spells business makes and sells handcrafted jewelry and home decor objects, hereinafter called « the products », commercialised through its website and its participation in fairs and markets. The list and description of the offered products can be consulted on the website mentioned above.

Except under specific conditions, the rights hereby granted are so only to the person signatory of the order (or the person who owns the given email address). Some paragraphs, like the one treating product care, concern people who own the products (who may have received them as a gift from the Buyer).

The present General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to all product sales achieved through the Seller's website or on fairs and markets and are an integral part of the contract between the Buyer and the Seller. The Seller reserves the possibility to change those GTC at any moment by publishing a new version on his website. The applicable GTC are those that were in effect at the moment of the order.

Article 1 : Object of the sale

These General Terms and Conditions determine the rights and obligations of the parties in connection with the online or physical sale of the products offered by the Seller.

All of the products offered by the Seller are unique and personal handcrafted creations or produced in collaboration with other craftsmen or women (mention will then be made in the description of the product).

The products can present irregularities due to the fact that they're handmade. The Seller takes all possible care that the products are sold and transported in the best possible conditions and that they cannot cause injury as they are. Glass elements are inherently fragile and must be handled with the greatest care. Metal elements, and glass and metal pendants in particular, must be handled with the greatest care, at the risk of breaking. An advice and maintenance guide, as well as a microfiber cloth, are included with each order to allow the Buyer to take the best possible care of his necklace purchase (see the dedicated article).

The ordered product may differ slightly from the pictures presented on the website although the Seller does everything possible to make them as representative as possible, especially in terms of size, colors and finishes. The parties therefore agree that the illustrations or pictures of the products for sale have no contractual value.

The essential characteristics of the products and their prices are made available to the Buyer on the business's website. The latter certifies having received a detail of the delivery costs as well as the terms of payment, shipping, delivery and execution of the contract. The Seller agrees to fulfill the Buyer's order within the limits of stocks of available products only. Otherwise, the Seller will inform the Buyer.

Article 2 : Prices and Special offers

The prices of the products sold through the website are indicated in Euros (€) All Taxes Included precisely determined on the product description pages, shipping costs included.

A currency converter is available on each Product page, powered by XE, to help the Buyer determine the cost in his own currency. Payment however will be made in Euros and the Seller is in no way responsible for any change fee applied by the Buyer's bank.

Nature Spells chooses a fair price all year round, taking into account all the costs inherent in its general operation and in the making of each product (supplies, tool wear, working time, packaging, shipping, website maintenance, taxes). There are therefore no promotions, sales or coupons applicable on the website and there are no plans to one day, this in an ethical choice not to inflate prices artificially the rest of the time.

For products shipped outside of mainland France, customs duties or other local taxes or import duties or state taxes may be due in certain cases. These rights and sums are not the responsibility of the Seller. They will be borne by the Buyer and are their responsibility (declarations, payment to the competent authorities, etc.). The Seller therefore invites the Buyer to inquire about these aspects with the relevant local authorities.

The Seller reserves the right to modify its prices at any time in the future.

The telecommunication costs necessary to access the Seller's website are the responsibility of the Buyer.

Article 3 : Reservation of ownership clause

The products remain the property of the Seller until full payment of the price.

Article 4 : Conclusion of the online contract

The Buyer must follow a series of steps specific to each product offered by the Seller to be able to place his order. However, the steps described below are systematic: - Information on the essential characteristics of the product - Choice of the product and if necessary of its options - Redirection towards the payment of the product via the cart - Verification of the elements of the order and, if necessary, correction of errors - Indication of the essential data of the Buyer (postal address, etc.) - Follow-up of the instructions for the payment, and payment of the products - Confirmation of the order - Preparation then delivery of the products.

The Buyer will then receive confirmation by email of payment for the order.

The Seller reserves the right to refuse the order, for example for any abnormal request made in bad faith or for any legitimate reason.

Article 5 : Pre-orders

Before each new product launch, Nature Spells offers its subscribers exclusive access to pre-order. To subscribe to this list of subscribers, send your email address to the dedicated location on the subscription page. Subscribers will receive:

- three days before the opening of pre-orders: an email containing the pictures of these new products in detail, the date and time of the opening of pre-orders;

- one day before the opening of pre-orders: an email reminding the date and time of opening of pre-orders;

as soon as the pre-orders go live (one week before the arrival of products in the shop open to the public): an email with a link to the dedicated page and its password.

To confirm the pre-order, the Buyer must make the payment. Products that have not been sold during pre-orders will be available on the store open to the public on the day of the official launch. Shipping will only take place after the official launch of new products within the usual time limits. The rest of the articles in these GTC are applicable to pre-orders (payment, simultaneous orders, shipping method, delivery...).

Article 6 : Payment

Payment of the amount of the product(s) is due immediately upon order, including for products on pre-order. Payment is made in Euros.

The Buyer can make the payment:

  • by debit card through the secure payment service Stripe

  • by debit card or bank transfer through Paypal.

For these two solutions, the debit will be immediate and the shipment prepared within the deadlines explained in the dedicated article.

These two payment extensions manage the security of financial transactions as well as the information necessary for them. Once the payment has been initiated by the Buyer, the transaction is immediately debited after verification of the information. In accordance with the provisions of the Monetary and Financial Code, the commitment to pay given by card is irrevocable. By communicating his bank information during the purchase, the Buyer authorizes Stripe or Paypal to debit his card by the amount relating to the price indicated for the benefit of the Seller. The Buyer confirms that he is the legal holder of the debit card and that he is legally entitled to use it. In the event of an error, or if it is impossible to debit the card, the sale is immediately automatically resolved and the order canceled.

The Buyer is advised to check if customs fees will apply as they will be his responsability to pay.

Article 7 : Simultaneous orders

The products are available in single original. In the event of an error in the functioning of the shop, if two orders are placed simultaneously before the update of the stock, the Buyer having ordered the product first (date and time of the order being proof) will see his order validated. The second will be reimbursed for their order or offered an equivalent product if it exists.

Article 8 : Shipment

The order will be sent between 1 and 5 working days after receipt of payment (except in the special case of pre-orders, see the dedicated article or if said otherwise in the header).

Orders will be processed within the limit of stocks available from the Seller. If a product is unavailable, the Buyer will be notified of foreseeable delivery times and the order for this product may be canceled and reimbursed on request.

The products are stored in a packaging adapted to their specificities to allow them the best possible conditions of transport. For necklaces, it is a very elegant packaging that can be used as gift packaging.

Article 9 : Delivery mode

The products are delivered to the delivery address that was specified when ordering. In case of delay in shipment, the Buyer will be informed by email.

All shipments include tracking through French Post. For shipments to mainland France, 2 to 3 days are allowed for receiving from the date of shipment (up to 5 days or more in the DOM-TOM and internationally). The Buyer will be informed by email by the Seller. Once the package is in the hands of the Post Office (then the local service of the delivery country if applicable), the Seller cannot be held responsible for an additional delivery time.

When the order includes only a necklace, the package leaves in a letter format with tracking. Beyond and for other types of products, the shipment is made by Colissimo (parcel also with tracking).

The tracking of the order is done via the La Poste website with the tracking number indicated in the shipping confirmation email. For delivery to certain countries, tracking stops at the French border. The Seller is not responsible for the loss of packages by La Poste or the local service of delivery. In case of concern, the complaint must be made to La Poste or the local service of the country of delivery and not to the Seller.

The Seller recalls that when the Buyer physically takes possession of the products, the risk of loss or damage to the products is transferred to him. It is the Buyer's responsibility to notify the carrier of any reservations regarding the product delivered and to refuse delivery. The package is closed with a strip of adhesive paper stamped with the Nature Spells logo; if this sealing has been damaged, it is recommended to refuse the package which is likely to have been opened.


Article 10 : Recommandations and maintenance

All Nature Spells necklaces are delivered with a maintenance guide as well as a micro-fiber wipe to allow the Buyer or the person who owns the necklace (who may have received it as a gift from a Buyer) to take the best care of his necklace (storage, cleaning, handling, etc.). It is recommended to follow these tips to give the best chance for the product to hold over time. It is indeed recalled that the glass and metal medallions in particular are fragile parts to handle with care, and in particular not to hold them by their bail. For detailed advice, refer to the guide received. If this guide is lost, you can contact Nature Spells to receive it by email.
Home decor items must be placed away from direct sunlight if possible in order to slow down the discoloration of the elements inside.

Not any organic part of the products made by the Seller (plant parts, mushrooms, animals) is meant for absorbing in any way (ingestion, smoking, etc.).


Article 11 : Repair

Repairs are supported under certain conditions to be exposed to the Seller by contacting him.

Article 12 : Returns, refunds, exchanges, cancellations

The Seller is receptive to the Buyer to find a solution that will best suit both parties.

Returns are accepted if the product is not entirely satisfactory. The return conditions are as follows:

- the product(s) must not have been used or worn,

- prior contact with the Seller by email,

- return of the product (s) within 14 days after delivery.

Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the Buyer. It is recommended to choose a tracked shipment and communicate the tracking number to the Seller. If the returned product is not in the original condition, if it was used / worn, or if the product never reaches the Seller and in the absence of tracking, any loss of value is assigned to the Buyer.

Refund takes place within 14 days of reception of the product by the Seller. If full refund is not possible (see previous paragraph), the Seller informs the Buyer by email as soon as possible.

Given the unique and handmade character of each creation, exchanges and cancellations of orders are not accepted.

Article 13 : Force majeure

The execution of the Seller's obligations at the end of this agreement is suspended in the event of a fortuitous event or force majeure which would prevent its execution. The Seller will notify the Buyer of the occurrence of such an event as soon as possible.

Article 14 : Contract invalidity and modification

If one of the stipulations of this contract is canceled, this nullity would not result in the nullity of the other stipulations which will remain in force between the parties. Any contractual modification is only valid after a written and signed agreement of the parties.

Article 15 : Applicable law

All the clauses appearing in these general terms and conditions, as well as all the purchases and sale operations which are referred to therein, are subject to French law.


The Buyer, by confirming his order through payment, declares he has read all those General Terms and Conditions carefully and accepts them without restriction or reservation. The Buyer acknowledges that he has received the advice and information necessary to ensure that the offer meets his needs. The Buyer declares that he is able to contract legally under French law or validly represent the physical or legal person for which he undertakes. Unless proven otherwise, the information recorded by the Seller constitutes proof of all transactions.


Mentions légales

Trading name: Nature Spells

Legal representative: Fanny DUBOSCQ

Registration number: 85400300100013

Registered to the French national institute for statistical and economic studies on september the 1st 2019

Business home office: 753 route de La Colle, Le Botticelli,  06270 Villeneuve-Loubet, France (doesn't receive the public)


Hosting: Wix

Email address: please use the contact form

Nature Spells designs, texts, photographs and other content produced by Nature Spells benefit from the protection of the intellectual property code. Any complete or partial reproduction without authorization is strictly prohibited. The brands, domain names, products, images, videos, texts or more generally any information subject to intellectual property rights are and remain the exclusive property of the Seller. No transfer of intellectual property rights is carried out through these General Terms and Conditions. Any total or partial reproduction, modification or use of these goods for any reason whatsoever is strictly prohibited.


Unless stated otherwise, I (legal representative) am at the origin of all the visuals (pictures, videos) and texts. My partner also takes certain photos which he allows me to use for Nature Spells. In the event that a picture or text is not mine, it will be credited to its author.

The content presented on and its social networks (in particular texts, photos, shop) are made available to Internet users without guarantee. Nature Spells strives to ensure to the best of its ability, the accuracy and updating of the information provided, which content is liable to be corrected at any time and without notice. However, there may be errors, inaccuracies, imprecisions, omissions. The company cannot therefore be held responsible for any inconvenience or damage, direct or indirect, related to the use of the site or the interpretation of the content of the site (in particular the blog) whatever the causes, origins or consequences. Its responsibility could not be engaged, in particular in the event of rupture of the service or of computer virus. The company reserves the right to cut off access to the website at any time for maintenance reasons.



In accordance with the Data Protection Act, you have the right to query, access, modify, rectify and oppose data concerning you, which you can exercise by contacting me here. By adhering to the General Terms and Conditions above, the Buyer agrees that the personal data necessary for any order on the site are used for order management and customer account purposes, as well as making contact if necessary (and in particular in the context of future projects). By using the blogging interface of the site via comments in particular, the user agrees that the personal data necessary for the operation of the blogging interface will be used for the purposes of managing this same interface (publication of comments and response) as well as communication operations of the company Nature Spells (notably future projects). These data will in no case be disclosed by the company Nature Spells which will never sell or transfer the personal data of visitors and users of its site.

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