Collier sautoir pour sorcière avec vraie fougère dans un médaillon en verre chaînes multi-rangs argent

“How many went under? Everything up to this point went under. Now they start up again, dancing gravely, like the plume of a warrior returning, under the low hills, into his own kingdom.” Ted HUGUES


The ferns trapped inside Renewal Spell necklaces reflect different seasons and species. From their underground stem, they deploy their fronds each year tirelessly. They are therefore perfect companions for changing periods or a need for renewal.


Worn on top of a long and narrow outfit, like a tunic for example, this long necklace will add much poetry to nature lovers' and romantics' necklines.

Renewal Spell

  • Glass pendant height (including the bail): 8 cm (3 in)


    Glass pendant width: 3,5 cm (1 in)


    Necklace length: I adjust it to your neck size plus every necklace has a 5 cm (2 in) chain extension. On the pictures on which I wear it, it's fastened to its shortest and it's adjusted to my neck (33 cm or 13 in).