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Howling Spell II

Howling Spell II

"Some days I am more wolf than woman and I am still learning how to stop apologising for my wild."

Nikita GILL (Wolf and Woman)


The Howling Spell contains a bramble leaf surrounded by real blackberries covered with 999 fine silver by me. Bramble grows profusely wherever the sun hits the floor. It shelters young trees and fauna and hides very nourishing blackberries among its many thorns. It's the wolf within you: wild and free, caring for your pack, yet protective and fierce when need be. The Howling Spell necklace connects you to your instincts, that wild part of you.


This jewelry will particularly be highlighted by a dark top or dress, whether it's forest green, black, deep burgundy...

  • Dimensions

    Glass pendant height (including the bail): 5,5 cm (2 in)


    Glass pendant width: 3 cm (1 in)


    Necklace length: I adjust it to your neck size plus every necklace has a 5 cm (2 in) chain extension. On the pictures on which I wear it, it's fastened to its shortest and it's adjusted to my neck (33 cm or 13 in).

  • Materials

    Chains, charms and locket are made from silver-colored alloy (and glass planes for the latter), bramble leaf, real blackberries covered with 999 fine silver by me