Collier toile d'araignée chaînes argent arbre de vie avec médaillon en verre contenant de vraies racines

"Probe the earth to see where your main roots run." Henry David THOREAU


Symbolising earthing, Grounding Spell puts the spotlight on thin roots, source of life and stability, humble yet essential, and a Tree of Life to represent the Earth and Mother Nature. This necklace invites you to ground yourself, by living in the present, with consciousness, to take care of yourself and connect to the Earth and your origins.


This accessory will be perfect with a layered outfit with earthy or mossy colors for example; it's the forest witch necklace par excellence.

Grounding Spell

  • Glass pendant height (including the bail): 8 cm (3 in)


    Glass pendant width: 3,5 cm (1 in)


    Necklace length: I adjust it to your neck size plus every necklace has a 5 cm (2 in) chain extension. On the pictures on which I wear it, it's fastened to its shortest and it's adjusted to my neck (33 cm or 13 in).