The cult of trees

Our pagan ancestors had no temple, at least not in the form of a building. The sacred places were natural sites: a clearing in the heart of the forest, an entire wood, a particular rock, or even certain trees.

Regarding the latter, they were generally... (continue reading - 3 min reading)


Passionnate about Nature, I made it my job: I'm a forester. I learned to guide the forest so that it combines soil protection, biodiversity, wood production and leisure area for Mankind. My current mission is mainly to regulate human constructions encroachment over forests in a particularly tense area, the French Riviera, where I've been living for a few years now.

When I'm in the forest, it's as if everything else around disappears. I observe, I listen, I explore, I take pictures... I feel home and am sometimes under the impression that I'm dissolving into the surroundings, as if I were a dryad. I've always taken my inspiration from it.


With Nature Spells, I'm taking a step further, starting from raw plant parts I gather in the forest. Thanks to my professional knowledge, the harvest step always respects the environment

In its glass frame, each plant shows off its unique and precious characteristics.

share with you my knowledge: recognition criteria, uses, symbolics... You can join me on the Blog to go into these subjects in depth and others too...

I'm waiting for you there!


Until we meet again,


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