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Step into the enchanting realm of Nature Spells,

where meticulously pressed plants inside glass pendants

weave tales of botanical magic.


Our nature-inspired jewelry, infused with plant symbolism,

is more than adornment – it's a journey into the language of Nature.

Invite the spirit of the outdoors into your space with our herbarium decorations

and unveil the secrets of the natural world on our blog.

Shop our jewelry and decor items

Spring inspiration

A black cat in the forest.

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Blog posts

A woman with forest green strands of hair smiles.

Who am I?

I'm Fanny, the artisan behind Nature Spells. Crafting decorations and jewelry has been my passion since my teenage years among other creative mediums, and I've always been deeply inspired by the whispers of Nature. I'm a professional forester, a role that allows me to know the plants I encounter but also harvest them with utmost respect.

Nestled amid the wild mountains and rivers of south-eastern France, I embrace various roles – from harvesting, pressing, and crafting every Nature Spells piece, to curating the digital realms of the website and social media. Through photographs, I aim to capture the ethereal beauty of Nature and I share its secrets with you on the blog.

With Nature Spells, my pursuit is botanical enchantment grounded in eco-responsibility and sustainability. Since 2023, the chains used in jewelry-making are sterling silver-plated for enduring beauty. Thrifted frames and glass domes find new life in my hands, adding a touch of history to your botanical treasures. Most materials and supplies come from the neighboring European lands. To ensure the longevity of your Nature Spells necklace, each order includes a care kit, and every parcel is thoughtfully packed with natural and recycled materials. As we step into 2024, a new chapter unfolds as I will learn to craft glass medallions with the Tiffany stained glass technique using upcycled glass.

Nature Spells pieces go beyond simple adornments – they are a tangible connection to the outdoors for you to wear or surround yourself with. Whether it's a pressed plant necklace related to the plant symbolism or a frame capturing some mysterious nature scene, each design connects you to Nature’s magic.

Together, let's celebrate it mindfully.

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