Collier multi-rangs argent pour amoureuse de la nature avec médaillon en verre contenant un morceau de lichen

“There is a low mist in the woods. The view is so confined it compels your attention to near objects, and the white background reveals the disks of the lichens distinctly. This is their solstice, and your eyes run swiftly to these things only.” Henry David THOREAU


Recently used as witnesses of air quality, lichens symbolise purity. The Purity Spell necklace will accompany you on days marked by quietness and serenity or during your purification rituals.


To wear this necklace, there's nothing like grey clothing or cold greens or blues. With it around your neck, you incarnate an ethereal and aerial spirit.

Purity Spell

  • Glass pendant height (including the bail): 5,5 cm (2 in)


    Glass pendant width: 5,5 cm (2 in)


    Necklace length: I adjust it to your neck size plus every necklace has a 5 cm (2 in) chain extension. On the pictures on which I wear it, it's fastened to its shortest and it's adjusted to my neck (33 cm or 13 in).